Collaboration With Chrysalists

At Chrysalists, their flagship programmes such as “A Leader's Journey - Leadership Moments”, “Black Phoenix Project” and “Mindful Facilitation”, form the key deliverables in the company’s endeavour to facilitate the interplay of education and business in the 21st century. These programmes are designed in ways that are beneficial to the recipients of the programme as much as to the creators of the programme. Be it work and personal lives, every individual in the Chrysalists' network have something to learn from the programmes and the coaching they provide.

With excellent training programmes already taking place in Chrysalists, Skilio hopes to track evidence of these learning experiences which participants have taken away from Chrysalists’ programmes.

Insights of learning experiences are obtained from self reflection and feedback from peers and mentors throughout the course of the training programmes. Learning outcomes at these programmes are then able to be tracked and continuously developed even beyond the duration of the training programmes, specially curated for lifelong learners.

Using Skilio’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm, data obtained with regards to these learning experiences can be analysed. Users who have undergone the training programme can then be measured in terms of the mastery of their 21st century competencies, and develop them beyond the duration of the training programmes.

All these soft skills measured and analysed on our platform can then allow for a soft skills portfolio to be generated, detailing participants’ skill sets displayed throughout the course of the training programme.


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