#SGUnited Initiative - Skilio Industry Immersion Programme

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty ahead, Skilio has launched the Skilio Industry Immersion Programme (SIIP). The SIIP is a 4-week mentorship programme that helps to match students with Singaporean organisations/companies in order to provide them with industry experiences in various fields including E-Commerce and Social Enterprises.

SIIP Logo SG-United Logo

Our aim of the programme is to allow the students to gain exposure to the working environment, and build up their network and skill sets in the spirit of changing economic paradigms. The SIIP provides students with a short-term attachment opportunity to grant them the flexibility to explore and find their passion areas, especially for those who have got their overseas exchange terminated or internships retracted due to the global pandemic.

On top of that, Skilio has also provided our soft skills measurement & analytics software FREE of charge to all participating students to track their soft skills growth during these industry immersion experiences with personalised portfolios that will allow them to gain a competitive edge over their peers during their job searching process.

Throughout all three cohorts of the programme, the response has been extremely overwhelming with a total of 41 companies, 83 projects and 223 participating students! We have also received various positive feedback from the SIIP participants who have greatly benefited from the programme!


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