"Developing soft skills through experiences in equipping generations of leaders to be future-ready" With automation and disruption, the skill sets required in the future workforce have shifted drastically. Companies are now looking for individuals who possess a healthy blend of soft skills and hard skills. In the 2019 Global Talents Trend Report by Linkedin, experts highlighted that HR professionals in companies think that “soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills”. Soft skills is also ranked as the number 1 trend that is important to the future of recruiting and HR.

Yet, there is still a lack of emphasis by schools in educating students on soft skills competencies. Soft skills are being taught in a passive way in school, where they hope students learn these skills through once-off activities or camps.

However, we feel that schools need to be more intentional with incorporating soft skills education in their curriculum, especially since there are there is a lack of effective methods to track soft skill development over these activities. We have chosen this product because from our user research, 93.5% of tertiary students said that soft skills are important to them (Scored 8 and above out of 10) and they felt that project-based learning is the best form of learning these skills.

We also understood from secondary research that the future of work will mainly be a team-based one. With plenty of opportunities for soft skill interaction to take place, we decided to capture these soft skill insights using the many experiences that students are provided with today. Hence, Skilio is created to emphasise on soft skills development under a team-based setting. Students can collaborate with their team members on Skilio and get insights on their soft skills competencies after the group project is done. This product thus allow tertiary students to be aware of their own personal soft skills competencies and make a conscientious effort to develop these skills sets, to be future-ready for the workforce.

Collaboration with Junior Achievement Singapore & Temasek Polytechnic

Skilio engaged in a paid pilot using our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), with Temasek Polytechnic Students, in collaboration Junior Achievement Singapore. Junior Achievement Singapore is one of the world’s largest non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.

Under the guidance of Bloomberg employee volunteers, this training programme aims to cultivate a greater understanding of world and clearer expectations of the future through real- life application of economics and business concepts. For this iteration of the Junior Achievement Singapore Programme, 10 Temasek Polytechnic students were on board to work on a business idea across the span of 12 weeks.

Our Skilio team onboarded these students onto our platform. Students were able to obtain 360 feedback from their self-reflection, peer feedback and mentor feedback on how their soft skills have developed. This qualitative data obtained are then presented as soft skill reports for the students, providing insight as to how their soft skills have developed, coupled with actionables for improvement. We also provided mentor dashboards for the Temasek Polytechnic teachers and Bloomberg employee volunteers, for them to track the effectiveness of the programme in terms of soft skill growth of the students.

Overall, the Temasek Polytechnic students had a rewarding journey of growth and discovery, and have expressed their keen interest to further develop their soft skills beyond the JA programme. Onwards to soft skill development!