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#GrowWithSkilio — 4 Tips on Being an Effective Communicator to Make the “New Normal” a “Better Normal”

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted our lives, especially in having to adapt to the new remote learning and work arrangements such as online project-based learning. It is not sufficient for us to just build a “new normal”, but instead progress towards a “better normal”. How do we become more effective communicators despite not being able to do so face-to-face?

6 ways to Future-Proof Yourself with Soft Skills in Light of Economic Uncertainty

Disruptions and automation in the workforce make future job trends unpredictable. Added with the volatility of economic paradigms in the post-pandemic era, soft skills are what keep people competitive and companies are increasingly placing an emphasis on evaluating hires based on soft skills.How then do we develop these essential soft skills?

#GrowWithSkilio — 4 Ways How Covid-19 has been a Challenging yet Fulfilling Adventure

In this week’s #GrowWithSkilio, we will be diving deeper into the behavioural competency of resilience. This is an extremely essential soft skill to have in order to ensure that we are always able to push through any challenging circumstances to achieve our ultimate goal. Why is it important for us to build resilience and how has Covid-19 helped us done so?